Öngösterim Görseli


The theme of the 3rd International Children’s Libraries Symposium is “Local Authority Children’s Libraries (Municipalities),” and will take place between 27th -29th May 2022, in conjunction with the partnership of the Information and Records Management Department of Marmara University, and Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, who will host the symposium. 

The main theme headings of the symposium are as follows:

  • Use of Information Technologies in Local Libraries

–           Children’s libraries as access gateways to technology

–           The effects of children’s changing learning and play styles on children’s libraries

–           Use of Information Technologies

–           The Maker Space movement

–           Social Networks and Encouraging Reading Programs


  • Spatial Characteristics in Local Libraries

–           Location of children’s libraries in cities 

–           Architectural characteristics of children’s libraries

–           Interior design in children’s libraries

  • The Pre-School Period in Local Libraries

–           The provision of reading materials to children, parents, carers and other professionals working with children 

–           Creative events and drama activities 

–           The child-book relationship and ensuring the child becomes acquainted with the library concept

–           Ensuring family participation

–           The physical characteristics of space for pre-school children in children’s libraries 

  • Competencies of Librarians working in Local Libraries

–           Communication skills of librarians working in children’s libraries

–           The pedagogical competence of librarians 

–           Who should be employed in children’s libraries?

–           National and International partnerships of those employed in children’s libraries (local authorities, publishers, universities etc.) 

  • The Provision of Quality Service in Local Libraries

–           Working towards ensuring that families are library users

–           The mission of the children’s library to educate families

–           Offering various events for children, parents, and carers

–           Easing the adaptation of disadvantaged families to society

–           Mission of children’s libraries to undertake environmental partnerships

–           Mission of children’s libraries to eradicate inequality of opportunity

–           Offering quality services in children’s libraries

–           Multiculturalism and Library Services

  • Developing High Quality Collections in Local Libraries

–           Deciding on children’s publications for children’s libraries’ collections

–           Using children’s libraries during a child’s developmental phase

–           Using children’s libraries in the process of children acquiring a reading habit

–           Content features that children’s publications should possess

–           Selection criteria of must-have publications and material in children’s libraries 

  • Encouraging Information Literacy in Local Libraries (Lifelong Learning)

–           Information literacy skills for children in information societies

–           Content for teaching children information literacy

–           Information literacy programs and children’s libraries

–           Tools and methods used in information literacy training