Öngösterim Görseli

Human is a unique creature having an objective , independent and critical way of thinking. In order to develop these competences , reading books is the most effective method.The habit of reading is a process beginning from childhood and continues lifetime.When the children begin reading at early ages, their creative intelligence develop, learn analytic thinking and their vocabulary enhances.It is crucial to meet children with libraries beginning from preschool ages to provide suatainable  healthy development, improve producing idea skills and communication competences.


From this point of view, our metropolitan municipality inaugurated four children’s library including first of its kind in Turkey.

This year, Gaziantep metropolitan municipality will host the 3th children’s libraries symposium with the theme of “ children’s libraries at local governments”  aiming to provide great contribution to the mental development process of our children, in cooperation with Marmara University department of information and document management.I am very pleased and excited to share the news of this event that will be very beneficial for our community.

Mrs. Fatma Şahin’s

Mayor of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality