"Librarians and Creative Reading Practices in the Early Years Period"

The workshop will examine the form children’s books should take and will probe the methods and intricacies required to ensure that children develop a love for reading. The primary aim of the workshop will be to emphasise that what children think is not important, it is how they think, that is. An emotional bond that fulfils needs can be created with children, using techniques through games, creative thinking, drama and non-aggressive communication using text and characters in images. The workshop has 24 spaces and is 2 hours long. We cordially invite those librarians who wish to implement innovative reading activities in their libraries to our workshop.

"Interactive Reading Activities with Early Years Children"

Each workshop will consist of 25 participants, and will take place in 2 groups, and will last for a duration of 2 hours. A Certificate of Participation will be issued at workshops. Please note that librarians employed at children's libraries will be given priority over attendence.

Is it Possible to Experience Life in Children's Libraries?

“Library Events, with Children in a Childlike Fashion”

he aim of this workshop, is to experience together with participants, activities that are geared towards developing the life skills of children, and by doing so, to evoke motivation for new activities and to contribute vocationally.

This workshop which will last for 2 hours, and will comprise of 50 participants, and is open to all librarians, educationalists, school administrators, academics and students.An application form for the workshop will be devised and priority will be given to librarians in children's libraries. Participants are advised to wear comfortable clothing at the workshop.